Twelve Iterations

The new home for BlayTheNinth’s Minecraft mods and all future projects, currently totaling over 700 million downloads.

Twelve Iterations is my new label for software, games and mods with a focus on community and modern media.

Minecraft Mods

Waystones to teleport, a functional kitchen, and many other mods to enhance your Minecraft experience.

Game Development

Focus your mind and become an operator of perfectly safe Tiny Reactors, a jam game made in 72 hours.

Roleplay Communities

Every now and then, we run roleplay servers for various games, and work on our own roleplay-focused game!

I'm BlayTheNinth, a full stack developer from Germany. I have been modding since 2013 and occasionally work on games and roleplay communities.

Twelve Iterations, which encompasses my Minecraft mods and other upcoming products, is my current full-time endeavour.

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